Thursday, October 18, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I felt overwhelmed when I received this beloved award from the dearest travel blogger I admire and whose love story is a proof that Love really conquers all. I wish I am as thrillseeker and adventurous as she is to be able to find the love of my life.

Thank you Cris of the Pinay Thrillseeker for giving me this award. It is really such an honor to receive this kind of award from one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers of 2012. This would be a remarkable gift for my upcoming blog's first anniversary. Forgive me if it took a while before I can post my answers. I'm still up to the challenge "Where would you travel given a P1,000 budget?" of yours. Im considering of doing it alone but up to now I can't still find the guts, but hopefully I could.

To pass on the Liebster Blog Award, here's what you should do:

1. Answer my 11 "getting-to-know-you-better" questions.
2. Think of 11 questions of your own.
3. Choose 11 worthy bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers to interrogate and pay it forward.

Here is my answers to Cris' "not-so-hard" questions.
1. Why do you blog?
I blog mainly because I want to have a log of the happenings in my life. This is my journal of the things that I do, what interests me, special occasions and my travels. Blogging is also a way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. It's my online diary. Im also a "frustrated" writer. Frustrated, because I know I can't write, I dont have the talent. But here in my blog, I can pretend that I can write.

2. What's the story behind your first ever blog post?
My first ever blog post was about my first ever out of town trip with my whole family.

3. Where's your dream destination and why?
I have 3 dream destinations. I want to explore the smallest province in the Philippines. Batanes is an interesting place for me. I would love to be in its steep cliffs, hills, border lined shores, stone wall houses, and experienced its fast changing weather. Paris is also my dream.  I just wanna be on top of the Eiffel Tower. Santorini is my greatest dream. An amazingly distinctive place where I wanna be with the love of my life.

4. Where's your favorite place (among the places you've been to) and why?
Being a nature lover and beach lover that I am, Coron was still my favorite.

5. What's your favorite color?
Absolutely PINK!

6. What would surely make you smile?
Every new comment on my posts never fail to make me smile.

7. What would ruin your day?
As of this time, I cant think of any. Im trying my best to compose myself so that my day cant be ruined by anything.

8. What's your favorite subject in school?
Ahmmm.. Math? hehe. I enjoy numbers than words.

9. What's your favorite sport or sports team?
When I was still studying Im always included on our section's volleyball team. I played volleyball during intramurals or sportsfests. I also played on a barangay league once. Therefore I conclude, volleyball is my favorite sports but I dont claim that Im good at it. Its been years since I last played and I am missing it.

10. Are you left-handed or right-handed?
Im right-handed.

11. What did you do for your last birthday?
I wanted an exceptionally birthday celebration but I didnt got the time to prepare. So it ended up as a simple celebration at our house with my friends and former colleagues.

This award also goes to 11 bloggers. I had a hard time on this part. 11 slots for giving this kind of award werent enough. But its part of the rule so I have chosen 11 bloggers that I know will certainly pay forward to other bloggers whom I want to give this award as well. So let me pass on this award to:

1. Hash of Hash Coffee Table Book
2. Joanne of Joanne's blog
3. Zai of Zai moonchild
4. Lori of Here You'll Find Me
5. Anney of Blog ni ako
6. Jessica of Pagguhit ng mga Salita
7. Maria of Super Wander Girl
8. Marjorie of Coffehan and Piso Fashion
9. Archieviner of Chateau de Archieviner
10. Gord of Crumpled Papel
11. Mr. Tripster of Tripster Guy

And now here are my questions for you:

1. What do you think is the best thing about blogging?
2. Who do you admire in blogging and why?
3. Whose blogpost you were always excited to read and why?
4. What is your dream job?
5. Name 3 things you have or would have on your bucket list.
6. Mountain climbing or island hopping?
7. What is your favorite movie quote?
8. If you're going to be half a billion richer by winning the lottery what's the first thing you would buy?
9. If you could live anywhere besides where you do now, where would it be?
10. If given all the resources, what kind of business would you want to establish and why?
11. Describe yourself in 2 words.

Congratulations guys and good luck!

For my other blogger friends that were not tagged here, it's either I saw you were already tagged by other blogger or I have something else for you so stay tuned ;)
But still, Im requiring all of you to answer my questions through the comment box.
Love you all guys and you were all dear to me.
*Hugs and Kisses*


  1. wow math lover ka pala sis. anyway..we have something in common pala its the reason why we blog. apir!=D congrats sa award.

    1. oi required ka rin sagutin yung tanong ko sis..apir!

    2. math lover din ako. bagay pala tayo. ah yeah! ;)

  2. Nice knowing you more pink line:) mahilig ka pala sa numbers. That is nice:)

    1. thanks mama joy..i saw you were already tagged :)

  3. Pink ang favorite color mo? Weh. di nga? hehehe. nice info ms. Pinkline :)

    1. uu nga eh hindi rin ako makapaniwala na pink ang favorite ko hehe..oi answer my questions too :)

  4. Huwaw! first award ko to. Salamat. Ang hirap ng 1st 3 questions mo. T.T Math lover din ako :P

    1. walang mahirap jan..ikaw pa! apir ang mga math lover hahaha...

  5. Hey sister! Natapos ko na, ang sipag ko no?! hehe.. Thanks so much! Mwaah!

    Grabe, dapat makapunta na ako ng Coron, parang andaming nagsabi na yun ang pinakamaganda at memorable sa mga napuntahan nila!

    Like ko din ang Math, I started hating it nun nasa Integral at Differential Calculus na ang drama.. I loved physics more, parang combi ng science at math!

    1. ay ayoko ng mga calculus na yan hanggang simple math lang ako haha.. go na sa Coron promise ang ganda!

  6. Wee. I love following your blog lalo yung latest series mo, haha. Sana mapa-smile ka ng comment na 'to. Pangarap ko rin ang Batanes. Pink pala favorite color mo, hindi masyadong halata. At Math talaga ha.:D

    1. im definitely smiling..thanks again Cris :)

  7. kaw na magaling sa math at sabi nila pag magaling sa math ay mahina sa lovelife ! chos !

    1. at sinong maysabi na magaling ako sa math?! ang sabi ko math ang favorite ko pero hindi ko sinabing magaling ako sa math hahaha! hoy gawin mo na rin yung sayo magkasabay tayong binigyan nito diba? tapos sagutin mo rin dito sa comment box yung mga tanong ko hehehe...

    2. Hahaha. Mahina ako sa math except counting money.

  8. I love Math din! ang sarap kase kapag gumagana ung utak ko lalo na sa mga computations, etc...

    thanks for the award, sis! will asnswer it ASAP! :)

    1. same here sis.. excited for your answers :)

  9. thank you so, so much for the award! sayang wala akong handang gown para bongga ang pag claim ko nito :) btw, dream destination ko din ang Batanes at Paris! sana matupad natin ang dream na mapuntahan yun no?! :)

    1. gusto mo bang sabay nateng tuparin ang ating mga pangarap?! wahahaha...siguro pag nabasa mo to sasabihin mo eeeeeew...lols

      congrats! miss you zai :)

  10. a + b = x, find x. Lol. 'Wag mo sabihing frustrated writer ka. Lahat may storya, kaya lahat may karapatang magsulat.

    Tnx for including me in your list! First award ko 'to! XD

    1. simple math lang ang gusto ko ayoko ng algebra wahahaha....

  11. hihi parang ako lang naiiba dito..
    hindi kami compatible ni math eh.. hihihi

    nakaka0touch naman mapasali sa listahan.. T_T
    mula sa kaibuturan ng aking heart, ayeeee,,,SALAMAT :D

    1. ok lang yan sis mas marami namang may ayaw kay math eh haha..welcome :)

  12. Gusto ko din mapunta ng Batanes! Ang mahal namn kasi ng pamasahe e. Budget mo para ka na ding nag Hongkong. Congrats sa award!

    1. oo nga ang mahal talaga..pero i really really want to go there..someday hehe.. congrats din..cant wait to know your answers :)

  13. wow! natouch naman ako pasok ako sa top 11 weeeee. Thanks sis!!!

    naku baliktad pala tayo ako i enjoy words than numbers. hehe.

  14. naks galing mo pala sa MATH hehehe galing mo din siguro humawak ng pera hehehe walang labis walang kulang ^_^

    sana matupad ang mga dream destination mo.... ako meron din... sana makapunta ako ng Singapore...

    Keep on posting saka enjoy lagi ^_^

  15. 1. Meeting new friends, though I haven't meet any one in person yet.
    2. Mostly those I leave my footprints on (comments).
    3. Those sites I mostly follow and linked.
    4. To work in a big and reputable IT company.
    5. Own my dream (beach) house and lot. Luxury travel for days/months/years with PAY. Be a successful and happy business mom and wife.
    6. Mountain climbing, reminds me of my hs days.. fun!
    7. "Fish are friends, not food." - Finding Nemo, 2003.
    8. A diamond, it's kinda an investment huh.
    9. Canada, at least some parts speaks English :D
    10. IT business.
    11. Simple and dreamer.

  16. I'm really elated right now. Yung feeling na may hawak akong Oscar Award trophy na napanalunan ko at the same time na announce na nanalo ako sa isang beauty pageant! WEEEEH! Hahahaha! Really, my heart is beating so fast! Hahahaha!

    I'm so sorry ngayon ko lang nakita ito. Tagal din ako kasi hindi nag trip sa blogosphere.

    I'm really really grateful for this award. I might reply to this later on. Right now kailangan ko na magpayaman! See you later!

  17. Wow. Liebster blog award mode ang mga tao. XD

  18. hi sis, new follower here
    come visit and follow my blog
    Im having a giveaway you can win MAC, MUF and many more beauty products
    join here


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