Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Siargao Adventure: The Caves and the Jump!

Im not really into caves. Aside from being afraid of dark, Im also not comfortable staying long at enclosed areas. I cant breathe easy whenever Im in a cramped and closed spaces. But Im astounded the first time I entered a cave in 2010, the Underground River of Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan. When I saw it, I was like a child again non-stop of wow's and awe. Then I thought with that kind of exquisiteness I cannot afford not to see another one. This story is about my second cave exploration happened in Sohoton Cove's Mangkukuob ang Hagukan Cave.

We entered this underground passage.

On our way to the first cave we saw this symbolic landmark that looks like a horse shoe.

We entered Hagukan cave first. According to our guide, it was called Hagukan for whenever the wave reaches the opening of the cave it produces a snoring sound. Hagukan comes from the bisayan word haguk which means "to snore".

It has a very low entrance, that we have to submerged to the water from the neck down in order to enter. Im a bit nervous while entering because it's dark and the water was kinda deep though we had our life vest. I had to hold on to Zai. I have problems on stroking my feet under water. I really need swimming lessons. Anyone who can teach me, please?

Im a little freaked out when the water was abruptly changing temperature. It was cold and then suddenly it becomes warm and then cold and then warm again.

We stepped on a stone that elevated us waist high from the water.

Our next stop was the Mangkukuob Cave.

Our guide told us that when we enter the cave the only way out was to jump off the rock face, which later on we discovered was just a trick just so we can have the best of this adventure, well thanks to them anyway. I was really hesitant to go, even more when I saw how high the platform was. If I estimated it right, it was roughly 15-feet high and I didnt even know how to swim! Isnt that frantic?! Everybody was off the boat except me. I told them I'll just wait for them on the boat. I know myself well and Im definite that I cant do that. But Zai, Arvin, Empi and Joanne didnt stop until I go and yeah I got convinced by them and thought sayang naman ang binyahe ko ng isang buong araw kung hindi ko masusulit ang adventure. "Kaya ko to!"

We saw this little bats inside the cave.

Climbing up the cave to the jumping exit.

Then we reached the platform.

My heart was beating so fast that time. Parang may something na sa tummy ko that wanted to come out. Arvin, who told us he cant swim but really can, jumped first.

Followed by Zai, then Empi. Next in line was sis Joanne. It took some time for her to jump, well actually she didnt jumped she was pushed by our tour guide which she said she really needed that push or else she would have stayed all day long on the platform.

Dahil sa tagal ni sis Joanne tumalon lalo akong kinakabahan. So I told her na mauuna na ko tumalon. "Wag!" she shouted. She doesnt want to be the last one to jump. Then I thought she will jump na pero hindi pa rin until manong tour guide pushed her na that made her wanted to kill him after haha!

My turn! Lahat na naisip ko, nakapagdasal na rin ako. "Lord help me", ganyan. One tour guide was left with me. He was holding my hand as if he wanted to push me too. But I told him, "wag mo kong hawakan kuya, kaya kong tumalon mag-isa!" haha! After 3 sets of counting 1 to 3, I jumped!

For me, it was breathtaking, dare devil stunt I ever did in my entire life, so far. "Thank you Lord", I whispered when Im afloat. Aside from having a tiny cut in my nose and feeling so frail after the jump, I never felt so much fine and relieved.

Too bad we dont have photos of our jump, maybe it means we need to come back.

I hope hindi kayo na-bored sa kwento ko about my adventure in Siargao cause there's two more story to go. The highlight of these trip and my favorite part, surfing and hopping the three lovely islands. Thank you for reading and commenting on my previous posts. It was so much appreciated!    

♥ ♥ ♥

Congratulations PBOers for the success of the First PBO Bazaar for a Cause happened last February 24 in Pasig. Story here. Keep following our facebook page and twitter for the updates of our next outreach project, happening soon. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Siargao Adventure: The Stingless Jellyfish

The stingless jellyfish was one of the things that made me excited about Siargao.

We reached Bucas Grande Island after ng two-hour na maulan at maalong boat trip. On our way I felt something na hindi ko na talaga kayang pigilan. Sabi nga ni sis Joanne, I did a "fascinating intermission number" at naaliw sila dun, aminin!

can you guess what i did?
It was still raining when we reached the registration area. We dont wanna waste time dahil 2-day intinerary ang kelangan namen pagkasyahin sa isang araw. Below were the prices we paid for our tour to Sohoton Cove. Credits to sis Joanne.

Environmental Fee: P50 for local / P150 for foreign
Rentals of helmet and lifevest: P40 each
Docking Fee: P100 per boat
PumpBoat: P500
Boat Guides: P165 per guide
Paddlers: P100 each

 After paying the necessary amount nangunguna na kong sumakay ng paddle boat! Excited sa jelly fish.

They were on a lagoon just beside the tourism deck, a very peaceful place. A small paddle boat brought us to the jellyfish's sanctuary. Thank God the rain stopped.

the cool entrance of the jelly fish sanctuary

At first I was so afraid to touch them but my guide told me that they're harmless and showed me how to hold them the right way.

bawal sila iangat sa tubig mapuputol ang mga tentacles nila

I so love them specially the baby ones. They're soooo cute! Did I mention that Im amazed about jelly fishes? They're a mystery to me. Gusto ko silang iuwi but they're gonna die if I take them out of the water.

Me: Pwede ba kaming mag-swimming dito?
Paddler: Hindi po pwede maam.
Me: Bakit naman po?
Paddler: Dati po kasi pinapayagan namen na mag-swimming dito yung mga tourists kaya lang po napansin namen na madaling namamatay yung mga jellyfish. Lalo na yung mga maliliit.

Too bad that I cant swim with them but the thought that something about human might harm them, relieved me though.

My guide slash paddler told me that there's another jelly fish specie, the colorless one, that lives on the same lagoon but unfortunately it didnt showed up. He said that it only appears late in afternoon when the sun was down.

The crystal clear water was so inviting. I was ahead of the others so I took a quick dip on the other side of the lagoon while waiting for the them. Ang daming corals at may mga colorful fish din. And then I saw sea urchins, ok aahon na ko!

nagsnorkling ako ng walang snorkle
It was a short but fun encounter with the stingless jellyfishes of Siargao. Im definitely recommending this place to be included on one of your future travels my dear friends. I can say that these jelly fishes alone was worth the travel! I will come back here and will bring my future children. Well, I just wish that this place is preserve forever.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Siargao Adventure: The Transport

We traveled by air, by sea, and by land just to get to Siargao. I mean I have no problem with travelling but experiencing all in one day? aarrrgh gives me so much pain in the butt! We traveled almost 2 hours by plane from Manila to Butuan. Another 2 hours by land on a van from Butuan to Surigao. 3 hours from Surigao to Sta. Monica and more than 1 hour to Gen. Luna where our accommodation was located. In short it took us the whole day just to get to there. Though there's a direct flight to Siargao but kinda expensive for us budget tourists.

I love the fact how helpful the locals were. Naiwan kami ng boat going to Dapa port and they were so nice enough to help us find another option. We were like celebrities when they have to brought us from a small paddle boat to the large boat that would carry us to Sta. Monica because it already leaves the port.

I hate the habal-habal ride. Imagine me wearing a summer dress and have to ride a motorbike, how awkward was that?! Its not my first time to ride a motorbike but riding it for more than an hour was a lot different plus the ride was so bumpy. I had to ask our driver to stop and rest a bit. I remember myself blurting to our driver, "kuya dahan dahan, masakit!" then Arvin and Empi laughed out loud and Im wondering why.

On our second day, we have to travel more than two hours to reach Sohoton Cove where the stingless jellyfish and caves were located. Few minutes after we leave the shore the boat suddenly stopped. Oh yeah we got stranded! It was raining and the waves were getting bigger. I can see Manong was trying so hard to start the boat. Im scared but Im praying hard. Moments later and after Manong gave his best, the boat finally started, thanks God and we go on.

On our third and last day, we woke up as early 2am to travel to Butuan for our flight back to Manila. This time we didnt ride the habal habal, instead a van took us to Dapa port to catch the 5:30am boat trip to Surigao. Another long and butt ache sea, land and plane trip back but was all worth it!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

my birthday wishes came true

Funny how time flies really fast! My birthday month was over that's why I wanted to thank all of you who made my birthday very special through this post.

Nag-post ako ng wishlist noong birthday ko mismo. Out of my 10 wishlist meron namang tatlong natupad na as of posting time. First one was the success of the first PBO's project <= click to read the whole story.

Second was the unique card and messages.

thank you PBOers for this cute musical card with your messages

Thank you for this unique musical card. Galing ito sa mga blogger friends na nag-volunteer sa first project ng PBO. Im so touched! Muntik ako maiyak kung di lang ako masaya dahil sa outcome ng PBO malamang naluha na ko. At may kaakibat pang picture collage ni Archieviner. Hindi ako sigurado kung kaninong idea to hahaha!

Salamat din sa sobrang nakakatunaw sa puso na message from Archieviner and Cyron.

thanks Archieviner

thanks Cyron with feelings ;)

At sa mga gumawa ng picture greetings for me. Natuwa talaga ako!
thank you sis Maria of Super Wander Girl

Thank you JonDmur

thank you mama Joy

thank you Senyor Iskwater

thanks to my friend Arnold :)
thank you Gord

Salamat din sa mga gifts.

thank you Zai for this super cute bear :)

thanks sis Joanne..i love the color :)

thank you Pao.. so talented kid :)
Last but definitely not the least is my wish na sana may manlibre saken.

Thank you Archieviner for granting this wish. Finally we met when he arrived from New Caledonia. Kung gaano sya kaingay sa twitter, blog at facebook kabaliktaran in person. Hindi ako sanay na tahimik sya. Well ang masasabi ko lang he's mabait and generous. Sige na nga pogi na rin hehehe. A real friend.

And now let me give you a sneak peek on how we enjoyed the beautiful islands of Siargao.

best in tingala :P

ang Hari at ang Dyosa
after surfing at Cloud 9

Summer Models 2013

Watch out for more!

Im so overwhelmed with the greetings, messages, gifts and granted wishes from you my dears. My special day will never be the same without you. Thank you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥
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