Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PBO hosted a feeding program

Last Saturday PBO hosted the Community Chest Foundation's feeding program for the second time around. The first time happened in May 10 at Plaza Salamanca, Taft Avenue Manila. This time, it was held on a street across Methodist church for Plaza Salmanca is under renovation.

Pastor has already started the program when we arrived. He was telling stories and lecturing the children.

After his lecture, he handed the mega phone to us. I told him we prepared games for the children and immediately we started playing.

The kids were very active and were really eager to win. Prizes were goodie bags that I prepared a day before.

It was a riot but was really fun. The kids enjoyed as much as we did!

After the games Pastor told us to share some lessons from the games that the kids should get. Rix did the honor.

Instead of just foods the CCF prepared a graduation certificate and some school supplies for the kids.

We also took a class picture after the snacks was distributed.

Pastor thanked us for the help and support and we thanked him too for giving us the opportunity to give kindness and happiness to these kids.

I, also would like to thank few PBO volunteers namely Rix, Hash, Axl, Mac and Loi.

Until next outreach PBOers!

*photos credit to Axl

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Enchanting Coron: Maquinit Hotspring

I told my mom and brothers to climb Mt. Tapyas. Sabi ko sila na lang umakyat kasi tinatamad ako na-try ko na akyatin yun nung first time ko nakapunta ng Coron. Sabi ko maganda yung view sa taas, may malaking cross and that they will see the islands of Coron from afar and of course the sunset. Kaya lang ayaw na rin ni mommy kasi sumasakit daw tuhod nya and so my brothers decided na wag na lang din umakyat next time na lang daw, pagbalik. Kaya nagpunta na lang kami sa Maquinit Hotspring after ng island hopping namen.

We hired a tricycle for 100 pesos each. That price was roundtrip and the driver will wait for you until you had enough of the place. It was a 20-minute ride.

The entrance fee was 150 pesos and they were open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Pagpasok namen picture picture muna syempre bago ang lahat.

The first time I was here was already night time. It was dark and I wasnt able to see the beauty of the place. So this time I made sure that we get there na maliwanag pa. That's why we took pictures of the place first before we dip into the hot spring.

The flowing water of the hotspring is coming from a volcano which I forgot the name. Im sorry my memory really sucks. One of the reasons why I blog. I think it was approximately 40 degrees Cesius hot.  Masakit sa ulo kapag bigla ka lumublob sa tubig. What I did was slowly submerging my body, from the feet to shoulders, until I get the hang of it. 30 minutes was the advisable length of time that your body should soak into this hot spring.

The bottom of this man made pool were stones. Pwede pang-hilod. Meron din syang drainage pipe and the water from the man made pool continuously flows to the sea.

It's best to go there after an exhausting hike to Mt. Tapyas like what we did the first time I was here. The water will soothe your tired body but not too long. When you're 15-minute-soaked, you would want to get out of the water.

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