Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Wedding: Date

Planning a wedding is never, never easy. There are so many things to consider. For example, informing first the parents of your plans and decisions. That is what I failed to do . Being excited and all, we had already set our wedding date and booked the church last May. 

I just mentioned to my mom that me and Jojie were getting married already on October. Ganyan lang ka-casual, after all it is not a big deal anymore because we're old enough. Kay mom ko lang na-mention since mas close kami kesa sa dad ko.

It was only after we booked the venue that we decided to formally announced to the family that we are getting married. We told it first to both my parents. Nothing extraordinary to their reaction as I mentioned earlier that we are old enough to settle down. But when we mentioned the date, my dad responded "bakit October?!" 

No answer came out of our mouths with the intensity of my dad's disapproval to our chosen wedding date. Asking for the third time, only we answered that because it was his birth month.

He told us that it was not a good month to get married because of some "pamahiin". I will not elaborate kasi hindi naman kami naniniwala dun and told my dad na marami namang nagpapakasal ng October. I actually have some of my friends na October nagpakasal and so far so good naman. Sabi nya it is still up to us if we will push it kasi after all kami pa rin naman ang magpapakasal pero kung sya ang tatanungin ayaw nya.

Jojie and I talked about it and decided to move the wedding date. I still want the 10.10.15 date aside from we already booked the church and venue for that date. But Jojie explained to me that it was a family culture that came down from my dad's great ancestors and it is not that we believe or should believe but being a descendant and mostly out of respect dapat sumunod din kami. 

I was relieved that he understands and I agreed. 

Between September and December, we choose the latter. We might lack ample time for preparation if we pick September.

We went to the church the day after. All weekends of December is already fully booked except the morning slot of December 12. Hindi na kami nagdalawang isip pa, being the only available time slot left, we booked it na.

There! Our new wedding date is December 12, 2015 and that is final!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Wedding: Church

So after the proposal, I didnt think of anything for a month. Medyo high pa ko sa feeling of being engaged eh. Then bigla na lang namen napag-usapan kung kelan kami magpapakasal. He suggested October because it's his birth month and I agreed. We thought October 10 (10.10.15) is a good date.

We have the top 3 churches that we're eyeing for. I immediately called them to check on the availability of the date that we want.

1. Mt Carmel Church

photo source

photo source

It is located in New Manila, Quezon City. We decided to held our wedding in Quezon City because it's the city where we currently live. That is why Mt. Carmel was our first choice aside from having a very long aisle, of course. Apparently, the church is not holding a wedding from July of this year until next year because they were having a renovation. I was really really disappointed because since I was in college I dreamed of getting married in this church. Being in denial, I called them 3 times just to make sure. But I guess and I thought maybe it's not meant to be, so I moved on to our second choice.

2. Sto. Domingo Church

photo source

photo source

It is located along Quezon Ave. I also liked this church because of it's long aisle. Since I cannot reach them through phone (sira yata), I made an effort and went there. Turns out that they were also not holding a wedding for the first two weeks of October because of their feast. I asked pa rin why. They said that they were too busy to hold a wedding. There it goes, another disappointment. 

But I know I have to move on.

3. Christ the King Parish

photo source

photo source

This church is located in Greenmeadows Ave also in Quezon City. This church dont have the long aisle but it has a very beautiful interior and Christ at the center and so I think this will be the perfect church for our solemn and simple wedding. Air conditioned is a plus factor. When I called to inquire they still have an available slot for October 10, finally! Though the available time slot is alanganin which is 1:00pm, we still decided to book it.

So there! The church for our wedding is gonna be Christ the King Parish.

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