Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Calaguas Island

I saw pictures of Calaguas island when I was browsing the internet. It was so beautiful that I cant let this summer to pass without going there. So I booked a trip to Calaguas via Calaguas Local. Originally, kami lang talaga ni fiance pero we decided to make it a barkada trip with our close friends. They agreed to come. Pero nung papalapit na ang araw ng alis namen isa-isa na silang nag-back-out. Oh well, they missed an opportunity to be in a paradise. And we're back to just two of us.

We get the overnight package tour from Calaguas Local for just Php3,199 per person. Inclusions are:
 - roundtrip bus transfer from Manila-Daet-Manila via DLTB Bus Co. (Pasay Terminal)
 - roundtrip boat transfer to and from Calaguas Island
 - 3 meals (1st day lunch, 1st day dinner and 2nd day breakfast)
 - tent accomodation
 - Bagasbas beach side trip

For more information about their package, you can visit their website calaguaslocal.com.

We leave Pasay terminal around 9:00pm of Friday, our Day 0. Delayed by almost an hour, supposed to be 8:15pm departure.

We arrived in Daet around 5:30am of Satuday, Day 1. From the bus terminal we rode a tricycle going to Jollibee Daet, our meeting place with the tour guide. We had breakfast in Jolibee, since Day 1 breakfast is not included in the package.

From Jollibee Daet to Vinzon's port to Calaguas Island has a total of two and a half hours travel time.

When we arrived, the view that I saw was not what I expected. I expected it to be an island with a small shoreline, not so much people since it was a virgin island and no boat on the beach but what I saw was exactly the opposite.

But still, it was a very beautiful island with long and wide shoreline, powdery white sand and crystal clear blue water with a mountain backdrop accompanied by small hills and cliffs. Perfect! Well, almost, except for the boats and so many people that kinda ruin the view. Medyo madamot ako, I want this island just for myself.

It was really hot that day, so chill out muna kami sa kubo while waiting for our lunch.

After lunch, mas lalong uminit at medyo takot talaga ako umitim sa mga panahong ito so bumming muna under a tree.

It's already 4:00pm when we decided to swim. Medyo mainit pa rin pero mukang hindi na rin naman mawawala yung araw unless gabi na talaga.

We walked towards the long shoreline. Pagdating sa dulo, picture taking, bumming and back to our camp na.

Buti na lang medyo maaga pa kami nakapag-banlaw kasi later that night sobrang haba na ng pila sa C.R. para magbanlaw.

We ate dinner.

That night, there's a party on the other side of the camp, loud music and booze. We decided to just lay on the sand, watch the stars and wait for one to fall and make a wish and yes, I saw one!

Being tired the whole day, we slept early.

We also woke up early and decided to have a little hike up the small hill at the end of the shore.

The view was breathtaking from up the hill, you can almost see the whole island.

We head back to camp and ate breakfast.

We leave the island by 9:00am.

We buy some pasalubong then went to Bagasbas Beach as part of our itinerary. You can do surfing in Bagasbas beach my beau and I decided to just eat and enjoy the view. Aside from the very humid weather that day, mabibitin lang kami dahil konti na lang ang oras and we are scheduled to leave na.

I will definitely come back. Calaguas Island has a very good potential to be the next Boracay.


  1. bongga diyan! effort lang at wag kang pupunta ng tag ulan matotrauma ka.

    1. big waves baby! dapat summer.. pero even summer minsan bumabagyo pa din.. good thing ok yung nakuha nameng tour operator kasi kinancel nila yung original date na punta namen dahil may bagyo :)

  2. Hindi pa ako nakakarating dyan! at nakakatuwa naman nagba blog ka na pala ulet.

    1. maganda jan Ms. B!.. hindi naman po masyado, minsan lang pag sinisipag hehe :)

  3. Sexy naman ni sis! Love it! Jelly fish ba ang nasa plastic cup? Ang cute! Naalala ko mga jellyfish nung nag Siargao trip tayo.

    Miss you agad sis, mwah! Happy that you had this beach trip! :*


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