Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CORON - Enchanted Paradise

Coron, Palawan- a paradise.  

When I first saw pictures of Coron in the internet I told myself, I must witness its beauty! Whenever I want to go on a vacation Coron was, indeed, my first on the list, but circumstances and budget never compromise, until…hmmm my friend Ashell called me one night of February and ask me if I want to go with her and her boyfriend, Paulo. They’ve already booked a flight to Coron as a celebration of their 9th year anniversary as bf-gf, I didn’t think twice, right there and then I immediately booked a flight. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for…and comes april 2, 2011!

Our fare costs Php3,200+ roundtrip, but promo fares were cheaper.

On-board, we saw the Apo Reef.

Francisco B. Reyes Airport in Busuanga. We arrived in Busuanga Airport 2:30pm and we travelled to Darayonan Lodge through their service vehicle for about 30 minutes.

We stayed at Darayonan Lodge.
The owner of this lodge was my friend’s client that’s why our package tour that originally cost Php6,000 became Php5,200. Package inclusions:  roundtrip transfers from airport to lodge, 4d/3n hotel accommodation with lunch and breakfast, island hopping (boat, all entrances to islands included). 
I didnt got to have the opportunity, so if ever you'd read this I would like to thank you Sir Chin of Darayonan Lodge for the best accommodation ever and also the complimentary dinner ;). Hope to be here again!

We took our late lunch at 3:00pm and after a 15-min rest we started our Coron Adventure. The package tour includes the tour guide and our guide took us first to Coron Souvenir and Gift Shop. 

After  we bought some souvenirs we headed to climb the 700 steps of Mt. Tapyas. 

Our tour guide said that natives call this view as the sleeping male giant. I’ll leave it to you wondering why a male giant..hehehe…

The large metal cross on top of Mt. Tapyas.

On the other side of Mt. Tapyas.

Our tour guide told us that Maquinit Hotspring would be on our next day intinerary but we insisted to go there right after the climb at Mt. Tapyas. The 40-degree Celcius temperature was almost sweltering at first dip, but we eventually got the hang of it. The water was just very soothing, really perfect after an afternoon climb at Mt. Tapyas. This is the only saltwater spring in the whole of Asia and its waters sprouts from the nearby Dalara Mountain, a dormant volcano.  It was open from 6am – 10pm (guests may stay longer if they wish but the lights would be turned off by 10pm). 

After an hour of sleep we decided to took our dinner at Kawayanan Grill Station. Eventhough its slightly cozy it’s still a very nice place to dine plus they have some acoustic  singer to serenade the people while eating and their food was also appetizing.

A view of Mt. Tapyas.

The gateway to my favorite Kayangan Lake.

To reach the lake we have to hike uneven stone stairs. Worst than hiking Mt. Tapyas but its really worthit when you see the lake...mesmerizing, captivating, once I saw it in front of me I immediately fall in love with its magical beauty.

Kayangan Lake is known to be the cleanest lake in the whole country.  

I just really don’t want to come up off the water. I want to stay here until night falls cause our guide told us that the waters of Kayangan look even more magical on a full moon. Visiting hours for the lake however is limited between 8am to 4pm so I guess a special arrangement would have to be made in order to witness that affair.

This cave is located at the half-climb to Kayangan Lake.

Known to be as the most photographed part of Coron, this is the breathtaking view from the cave.

Twin Peaks.
 Also a snorkelling area, but we decided not to go down to the water because there were so many sea urchins. I was afraid of them so we just did a photo session, my favorite hehehe.

Caliwantay Beach, here we ate our lunch, played in the sand and of course pictorials..haaaay this is life!

Twin Lagoon – two lagoons separated by a wall of rock. During low tide, an opening at the base of the cliff appears, enabling swimmers to cross to the other lagoon. And luckily it’s a low tide when we got there. If you don’t feel like swimming to enter the lagoon there is a “balsa” for rent which can take you back and forth the lagoon. If I’m not mistaken its Php20.00, but manong was kind enough to let us ride for free hahaha. 

On our 3rd day we headed to Siete Pecados for snorkelling. Its more enjoyable if the current was not that strong. It freaked me out when suddenly my hand slipped the rope that was connected to the boat hahaha!..

Behind the stones- Barracuda Lake

30-80 feet high they say its called Barracuda Lake, cause they’ve been seeing barracudas here, not just barracuda but really big barracuda.

 I once read, that nothing really compares in eating good food outdoors, on a beach with your bare feet dangling and touching the fine sand below, well, it cannot be more right.
I hope, somehow, these could help you on your future travel to Coron.

"A traveler without observation is like a bird without wings." -Moslih Eddin Saadi


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