Monday, November 21, 2011

A Date with My Niece

Shanen Lei Yuna F. Matulac
My “super kulet” niece. She’s 2 years old. Her favourite line- “ano yun?”, “ano to?”. She loves to sing. She can sing the alphabet. Her favourite song to sing “All by Myself” by Celine Dion, when in the mood bumibirit pa. She loves Dora, Spongebob and Angry Birds.

One morning, im so jaded and I have to do the groceries for our store. I noticed my niece playfully aggravating at my side and I thought she would be up to a day out so I brought her with me to the supermarket.

On the supermarket’s back  entrance, she pointed out people on the side taking snacks and said “ano yun?!”, I told her “mga tao un” and she answered me back “mga tao pala yun?!” hahaha!

I told her I’d snapped a photo of her and she postured this kind of pose my mom really hates, her eyes pitched.

she saw a big lollipop..
Shanen: gusto ko lollipop
Me: wag yan mahal yan tsaka sobrang laki baka di mo maubos
Shanen: ubos ko yan
Shanen: ay mahal pala to! (on the counter, holding the lollipop)
As if she realized its price  haha!

When were already on the counter, she pulled me to the tiangge across the supermarket’s counter and…
Shanen: gusto ko laruan, bili tayo
Me: wala tayo pera
Shanen: meron
Me: asan? Wala nga!
Shanen: eh meron ka pera dyan sa wallet mo
Me: (laughing already) hindi pwede to kasi pambayad naten sa grocery
She stopped pulling me and we went back to the counter. Madaling kausap hehehe

When I have to pay for the groceries I opened my pouch and she saw the money…
Shanen: ayan oh limang daan! Tara bilhin naten yung laruan, tara tara
Hahaha! I cant stop laughing. Children’s innocence were really cute.

when were done with the groceries…
Me: uwi na tayo
Shanen: ih ayoko
Me: eh saan tayo pupunta?
Shanen:  dun sa tom tom tsaka sa bajee (her version of Tom’s World and Jollibee)

Posing with her favorites.

Me: nagugutom ako, kain tayo
Shanen: dun tayo kain sa bajee
Me: wag na ang dami tao eh, sa Mang Inasal na lang tayo kain
Shanen: sige (madali talaga kausap)

In Mang Inasal she just watched me eat.
Me: kain ka oh
Shanen: ayaw
Me: pano yan papanoorin mo lang ako kumain, wala kang pagkain
Shanen: meron na ko pagkain ih
Me: asan?
Shanen: eto oh! (Referring to her lollipop, matipid hehe)

Me: oh pose ka dun sa tabi ng maniquin pipicturan kita
Shanen: ayoko!
Me: bakit?
Shanen: takot ako ih..
Me: bakit ka naman matatakot eh maniquin lang yan
Shanen: takot ako..kasi wala mata..oh tingnan mo wala mata
But still she possed with the non-eyed maniquin hahaha.

We walked through the boutiques and when Im supposed to enter one she said, while pulling my hand against the boutique’s door, “wag ka na  pasok dyan, wag ka na bili dyan uwi na tayo” and I was like “ok, ok uwi na tayo”. But then on our way out she saw slippers with her favourite character on it, angry birds, she try it on. “gusto mu ba yan?” umiling lang sya hahaha and I told her “di mo pala gusto yan sukat sukat ka pa halika na nga” buti hindi nagalit yung tindera hehehe.

“A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.”

“Having a 2-year-old is like having a blender that you don’t have the top for.” –Jerry Seinfeld

“Children make you want to start life over again.” –Muhammad Ali


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