Sunday, July 14, 2013

Enchanting Coron: Banana Island

Banana Island was just 15 minutes boat ride away from Malcapuya. It was named after a banana because of its shape.

Banana Island has also its boat parking side and swimming and snorkeling side.

When we arrived we do a little more swimming, snorkeling, beach bumming and of course picture taking which made us tanner than ever. We also played a bit of volleyball which lasted long enough before we felt the scorching heat under our skins.

The water was high just few feet away and you will instantly see wonderful corals and fishes.

I enjoyed swimming in Malcapuya than in Banana Island. Maybe because there were so many fish in the water and Im always freaking out whenever I feel that there's something moving down with my feet and legs under the water. And also, the sand in Malcapuya is finer and whiter. But if you love snorkeling more than just swimming and beach bumming then you'll definitely love this island more than Malcapuya.


  1. wow love the fishes..sarap magsnorkel nakakamiss..

    same with malcapuya island very nice din dito sa banana island.. haaay hello palawan soon.. ^_^

  2. ...ganda naman ng beach..share ko hah..

  3. last na ba 'to sa coron series? sobra na pang-iibggit mo eh... hhehehehe...

    1. natawa ako dito. hahaha #relate #hashtag #twitteR?

  4. ang ganda ng under water shots sis! ang daming fish parang pwede dakmain nalang at iprito! hehe :)

    ang sexy mo naman sa iyong blue bikini! pak na pak! amishu! :)

  5. ayy ang sarap aman dyan hmm pero naisip ko
    lang wala bang minion sa banana island? haha

    pang fhm ohh

  6. Hmmm. I miss the hot climate. Here I am living beside the beach, but it is very chilly.
    Nice trip Pink Line:)

  7. ang ganda tlga ng palawan kainngit ang dami mo na plalang series dito hehehe

  8. Been here twice for a beach party and it was awesome!

    I'm coming back for sure.

  9. Ang ganda! Island hoping series pala to! Nice!

    Makakapunta din ako dyan! Ako naman mag i island series hahahaha Inggetero lang

  10. Mapupunthan ko din to tse inggit much

  11. Ang SEXY nung nagba-volleyball! wooot!

    Maganda ang place, sana ilipat dito yung ibang isda sa Nuvali! Hahaha!

  12. Corals! Gusto ko makakita niyan sa malapitan.

  13. Extended ang summer!
    May new camera ka no?


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