Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Pug is my favorite dog breed of all time. Many people dont like them, they say it's ugly but for me they're the cutest thing!..

Millions of people in the world have found the company of a Pug to be rewarding.

Pugs history begin in China during Shang Dynasty. These dogs were bred to sit on the laps of the emperors where they resembled the looks of dragons.

Pugs has an easy-going temperament. They do require a lot of attention and love to play, but a pug will become calmer as it gets older.

It would not make the best watch-dog, because most pugs would not bark at strangers anyway, a bark from this dog is muffled and small because of the wrinkles overlapping the mouth.

Pugs, an enthusiastic dog, will dress up in costumes and perform tricks easily to impress their owners. A good show dog! There will never be a dull moment with them.

Pugs are the proof that God has a sense of humor.

If you're also a pug lover you might consider to see and read about different types of pug and the more social pugs.


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