Monday, August 20, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Shots in Bohol

Since I havent posted much photos when I wrote my Bohol goosebumps story and I only featured photos of Bohol Plaza Hotel, I would like to share in this post my top 10 favorite shots in Bohol.

10. Reflection. I took this photo inside the air conditioned restroom located in Loboc after our relaxing and fun Loboc river cruise. Nothing's special in this photo, I just love the outcome of this shot.

9. Stare. This was taken in a souvenir shop where the python named Pony was located. I wanted to take home all this cute tarsier ref magnet.

8. Birhen. This was located on the way up the Chocolate Hills' view deck.

7. Green. The first time I've been here, we were guided by our driver-slash-tour guide and he told us that when the Chocolate hills were green, Loboc river would be green and when the hills were brown, the river was brown as well.

6. Static. This is my second favorite spot in Bohol. It felt like any moment a werewolf and a vampire would appear. I would love to run through that trees or maybe would love someone to carry me to the top of the trees. So much of the Twilight peg.

5. Light. I love the clouds, the mountain and the sea.

4. Young, wild and free. With my eagerness to took a mid-air shot, I forgot to zoom the camera. That is why I almost cannot see the three boys on this photo, one on the coconut tree, one on mid air and one on the river.

3. Unrestricted. A wharf near Baclayon Church where a small lighthouse is also located.

2. Mysterious. This was taken almost 400 feet above while we were on a 420-meter distance cable car.

1. Shy. Whenever I hear "Bohol", tarsier was the first thing that comes in my mind. I so love this cute little primates. They were camera shy and you can hardly ever get a good shot of them.


  1. sister, who is your guide in bohol? pls let me know.
    i love no.6, it would be fun to jog/run kung ganyan ang nadadaanan mo,.

  2. goshhh! ang ganda po ng mga places. its more fun in the philippines it

  3. namiss ko tuloy ang bohol... balik tau ulit sis... sa eskaya naman tau para kunyari sosyal tau hahahaha...

  4. I love Bohol especially EAT Danao. Namiss ko dahil dito. :)

  5. wow nice sis... i like them all 1 to 10 ang ganda sobra!!!!! :D

  6. I miss this island. It's my home.

    I remember back in college in Cebu, many of my classmates didn't know where Tagbilaran was. How sad!

    For sure by now, nakailang balik na sila sa lugar namin for some R&R.

  7. @sherene hahanapin ko yung number ni manong na tour guide namen nung first time ko dun nagpalit na kasi ako ng phone pero ang alam ko naisulat ko sya somewhere eh..yung driver kasi namen last time walang silbi eh i would not recommend him..talagang driver lang buti na lang galing na ko dun umepal na lang akong maging tour guide nung mga kasama ko hehe..

  8. @weightofgravity correctness :)

    @manong unyol thanks manong :)

    @pretty hash i dont know eskaya sis haha halatang hindi sosyal..maganda din sa Bohol Plaza tara!

  9. Nice post and nice pictures punk line. You have eyes on beauty:)

  10. @cris i love Bohol too but I've never been to EAT Danao hehe..but Im sure to be there next time :)

    @jessica thanks bebe sis..

    @Lili bohol is really attractive..I like it more than boracay..yeah for sure binabalik balikan na nila ngaun ang Tagbilaran :)

  11. @hard.ass.kisser sige next time bibilhan kita :)

    @joy thanks ate :)

  12. Bongga ng pics! I've been to Bohol too at fave ko din ang man made forest. Feeling ko lalabas si Edward at Jacob at pag aagawan ako! Ambisyosa lang haha :)

  13. i love the mysterious river. sarap titigan. green kung green. never been to bohol kasi nung nagkaroon ng tour sa school di ako sumama hehe =D

  14. nocturnal ang tarsier 'di ba? wala lang hehe!

  15. Wow! great captures! Love the pictures! I want to see Bohol : )...And very nice blog!

  16. I love all the shots! Nainggit ako twin sister!!

    Top6: Naalala ko nga twilight, in ferness
    Top5: Ganda nun clouds!
    Top4: Naduling ako sa paghahanap nun 3 boys!
    Top2: Waah, gusto ko yan makita ng live
    Top1: Kyut!

  17. salamat sa pag share mo sa mga picture.....tiyak pupunta diyan si sherene...

  18. gusto ko yung pic no.2 at no.6, eksenang pampelikula lang :) parehas tayo ng naisip dun sa twilight peg haha :)

  19. Ang gaganda ng pics!
    Kelan kayo pumunta ng Bohol?
    Mabuti pa kayo na-try niyo yung cable car! Sira kasi yun nung pumunta kami eh! tsk!

  20. @zaizai correct! pareho tayo ng naiisip ;)

    @superjaid aw sayang sana sumama ka..yan ang pinakagusto ko sa Bohol, ang Loboc river :)

    @amphie yap..nocturnal sila..pero dilat na dilat sya sa picture hehehe...

  21. @life n canvas wow thank you naman!go na sa Bohol..promise sobrang sulit and mageenjoy ka..thanks din pala for following..your blog is it!

    @joanne wag na mainggit gora ka na sa Bohol twin sis! mas maeenjoy mo talaga ang mga yan ng live :)

    @arvin thanks din po..

  22. @jep haha..lakas kasi maka-twilight nung forest eh..ang sarap jan makipaghabulan..hehe

    @wrey and robby last april kami galing sayang naman hindi nio nasubukan yung cable car pero for sure ng-zip line kayo..kami kasi hindi..takot ako eh hehehe...

  23. ice photos gurl, muntik na akong maka side trip ng Bohol last year kung maayos lang sana ang travel itnerary ko...but for sure i'll see the place myself...and, those tarsier na ref magnet, i have one like that, my friend gave me when she got there.. at yung number 4 talagang hinanap ko yung mga character, he he..

    1. buti naman nahanap mo yung mga characters hehe..
      better see for yourself the beauty of Bohol :)

  24. beautiful pics, so captivating!

    do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know.
    see you around! xx

  25. woah. nice pics. especially 3 & 2. keep it up! XD

  26. These are amazing! I really enjoyed them! You're blog is great! I'm your newest follower! I hope you can check out mine and follow as well!
    Kisses <3

  27. lovely shots gurl, esp. 5 & 6, galing! sana makapunta na rin ako ng Bohol soon. :)

  28. Ang ganda ng mga shots. BUti ka pa. Hinai ako marunong eh. Hightech na nga yung gamit ko kanina, blurred pa rin. Kumusta naman yun? hehe

  29. nice! ang ganda ng mga view.. kitang kita talaga sa picture.

  30. I love Bohol! =)

  31. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations


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