Saturday, March 9, 2013

Siargao Adventure: Surfing

Surfing was on my bucketlist that's why Im so excited about this trip.

It was already 4pm when we arrived at the resort from a tiring but super fun island hopping. We changed outfit without resting a bit and instantly went to Cloud 9. Thanks by the way to the very accommodating ate Anita, the owner of the resort where we stayed, Jadestar Lodge, who find a habal habal that would take us to the surfing area.

Cloud 9
One of the best known surfing waves on Siargao and the Philippines, with a worldwide reputation for thick, hollow tubes is "Cloud 9". This right-breaking reef wave is the site of the annual Siargao Cup, a domestic and international surfing competition sponsored by the provincial government of Surigao del Norte.The wave was discovered by travelling surfers in the late 1980s. It was named after a chocolate bar of same name, and made famous by American photographer John S. Callahan, who published the first major feature on Siargao Island in the United States- based Surfer magazine in March 1993, and hundreds of his photos in many other books and magazines since his first visit in 1992. Callahan has put the island on the international map and has drawn thousands of surfers and tourists to Siargao. - Wikipedia

After 10 minutes, we're on Cloud 9, the famous wave and surfing area in Siargao. We were approached by a local in his motorcycle who happened to be a surfing instructor too. He offered us a one-hour surfing lesson for 500 pesos each. We agreed then start the lessons immediately because the sun was also starting to set.

The waves in Siargao were amazingly big. I still remember when we were on our boat trip going to the islands, we were like riding a car passing a zigzag road.

I felt excited and anxious at the same time. Anxious because, again, I dont know how to swim. But then again, nothing can stop me and besides the water was only above waist high even though we're already far from the shore.

My first attempt to stand on the surf board failed. Second, failed again. Third, still failed. I cant manage to balance my feet on the board. Im always falling. My body was starting to feel the pain of falling hard on the water. But I cant give up, I should never give up!

Im envious of how Zai and Empi nailed it. They were like pros! Seeing them so relaxed while riding the waves inspired me and thought, I can do it too. And so, on my 6th attempt to stand, I finally made it! The feeling was as high as Cloud 9! Im ecstatic, I raised my both hands while standing on the board and shouted my heart out! Wohooooo! I did it.

look at the abs of my surfing instructor haha!

No one was left on the shore to take our actual surfing photos.

All the body pains and bruises paid off. I really had fun. It is something that I will always look forward doing again.

By the way, this is for the girls, if you'll gonna try surfing please dont ever ever wear string bikini.

Until my next adventure. See you!


  1. kakainggit lang pero nakakatamad naman...i'd rather do na lang the food trip... hehehe

  2. katuwa naman .... ganda ng last pic... akala ko la kayo suot hehehe

    kakainggit naman.....

    enjoy na enjoy talaga....

  3. Good job, Arline!

    ...and yes, no lady surfer ever wore a string bikini. It's too risque. Mahirap na ma="unstrung" ang bikini while on top of the board. Hehehe

  4. ang saya saya naman ng Siargao trip nyo na ito.. :)

  5. wow !!! another adventure ..parang ang sarap naman ... paglalaruan ka ng mga alon :)

  6. Wow parang diko yta kakayanin yan sister! Buti kpa adventurous sa tubig, ako panglupa lang hehehe.

  7. Ang saya neto. Eto ang unang experience magsurfing. Uulitin ko to. Enjoy ang surfing natin.

    Buti wala akong tyan dito. haha

  8. I want your swimsuit! <3 I wish I could do this. Unfortunately, I can't swim and medyo takot ako sa tubig. LOL

  9. Ay bakit wag string bikini? Tingin ko masaya yun LOL

  10. Pag ginawa mo yan paulit ulit baka sa susunod nyan e nag susurfing ka na habang nag ne nail polish o nag hahanda ng sandwich? nyahahahaha..

    Kung nakasama ako malamang sa malamang ako ang mag pipicture saenyo..di ako mahilig sa dagat eh.. missu!

  11. Nasa bucket list ko nga pala ang surfing. Muntik ko na makalimutan. Lilipat na kase ako ngayong mayo sa lugar na malapit sa dagat, at itatake ko ang opportunity na yun! (:

  12. I do know the feeling, though I wasn't able to keep track of the times I fell off the board before I was able to ride it with grace (with grace talaga hehehe...). Indeed, surfing is one of the best adventures there is.

  13. gusto ko ring matry magsurfing, im sure mas maraming failed attempt yun pero sabi mo nga never give up! haha kaexcite isasama ko to sa bucketlist ko =D

  14. saya mag surfing no sis?! galing mo nga naka tayo ka in your first session, at tuwang tuwa syo si instructor, bukod sa nakaya mo, natali pa nya ang top ng swimsuit mo :)

    miss you sis!

  15. mukang challenging nga ang makatayo sa surfingboard with the waves. :)

  16. luv the last pic :) u all look so happy :)

  17. thanks for visiting siargao, balik ulit kayo, sama ko basta libre.. hehe,

  18. haha super okay to...congrats! Wish ko din makapag surf one day...;)



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