Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Siargao Adventure: Naked, Daku and Guyam Islands

After our cave exploration and that "buwis buhay" jump on Mangkukuob Cave we set sail to our next destination, the three lovely islands of Siargao.

We docked in first to Naked Island. Why naked? Well, as the name implies, it is indeed naked! You can see nothing but a fine white sand and some seaweeds carried by waves through the shores.

It is the best place for sun bathing. Weather you like it or not you will be sun bathed in this island.

After our pictorials we decided to move to the next island. It's getting really hot and we have to maximize our time. So bye Naked Island and hello Daku Island!

palm trees, refined white sand, blue waters- paradise!

Among the three islands, Daku was my favorite. When I was a child, I always dream of going to a white beach with palm trees and hammock. And everytime Im in a place like this it feels like my dreams were reality all over again. A real paradise.

This is where we also did our much anticipated Metro Magazine-peg photo session. Conceptualized, visualized and directed by none other than Zai! If you want to see our "flaming" photos just click here and feel the heat. Warning: view at your own risk.

Here are some of our behind-the-scene photos in my favorite Daku Island. Caption these!

And this is my favorite photo of me taken in this charming island.

Dyosa ng Daku Island

By the way Daku means "big" in Visayan, therefore it is the biggest among the three.

Our last stop was the Guyam Island. If you're looking for a tranquil uninhabited place then Guyam is perfect! This is a real depiction in my mind when someone is asking "if you were stranded on an island...". I wouldnt mind being a damsel, without the "in distress", stuck in this island. Well, atleast for a week. Just leave me with food and good books.

We didnt stay too long. We bid the island goodbye and wished to come back.

There's plenty of beautiful places to discover in our country. I never thought that Siargao has so much more to offer than surfing. Another wonderful place to be.


  1. may namuo bang pag iibigan sa inyo ni ser arvin? :)

  2. oh my... malaparaiso ang mga islands... certified kakainggit trip... gusto kong ma-trap sa Guyam island with toooot.... kakakilig... kung makapagbilad ka naman ng katawan... hmnf!

  3. Check Senyor certified inggit much... Harinawa ay makarating din kami sa mala-paraisong mga islang ito....

    namimiss ko na din amag-getaways!!!

  4. bukod sa ganda ng place... ang sexy mo naman! hehehehe (:

  5. ang sexy mo talaga ate :) pramiz!

  6. Love your shots! Awesome!
    Love the place! Amazing!
    Beautiful islands!

  7. Grabeh, simply breath taking yung sceneries sa Daku Island :)

    Di pa rin talaga ako maka get over jan sa mala Diyosa mong pose, Arline ^_^ sabi nga ni Coco Martin, YUMMY!

  8. Beautiful places with amazing bloggers. Hope yo meet you soon:)

  9. Ahahahaa..tawang tawa ako sa behind the scene..akala mo talaga nag photo shoot eh..If I were to choose, I'll choose the Guyam. I can stay there basta may Mini Stop! nyahaha.. pero katakot yata dun kung me bago..esp sa naked island..walang trees! hahaha

  10. Naiinis ako sa tyan ko. haha. Naenjoy ko yung pictorial natin. Sa uulitin :)

  11. wow. yun naman. nakakainggit. pag ako sumama sa ganyan, baka magkaubusan ng yaman.

  12. Hahahaha ang kulit ng behind the shoot pictures natin sis, na miss ko bigla ang ating Siargao get a way!

    Ako yung Guyam ang fave kong island, maliit lang at charming :) Magkano kaya yun, mabili nga..chos! :)

  13. sis kapag nararamdaman mo ng matamlay ang katawan mo yong feeling mong yong lupa eh tinatawag ka na, sabihin mo sakin ha para ako naman gagamit sa katawang yan at lalakas ulit pero yong kaluluwa mo wala na, wag ng babalik diba sasawsaw ka lang sa bagong buhay ko pagnagkataon!! hahahaha joke. dapat dahil naked, sinagad nio na sana, naghubad na kayo gastos pa kayo sa attire nio hahahaha namiss ko lalo kayong lahat.

  14. Kaloka naman ang name ng island! I love it! DAKU! Hihihih

    Ang sexy pala ni arvin! Chos

  15. Nakakainlove ang Guyam island, di ba? Gusto ko bumalik! Hehehehe

  16. salamat po sa mga comments..i really appreciate it ;)


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