Thursday, May 23, 2013

Enchanting Coron: Diwata Beach and CYC Beach

We wasnt able to visit some of the beaches that was indicated on our package tour because of the said dispute. So we skipped Banol beach, Kalachuchi beach, Caliwantay beach and Twin Lagoon. We also skipped Twin Peeks Reef not because it was included on the prohibited places but because Im that afraid of sea urchins. Yes, there were overwhelming numbers of sea urchins on that part and so we go on to our next destination, Diwata Beach.

As the names implies, I was expecting a beach but when we arrive this is what we see. Steepy rocks! So I asked our guide where's the beach. Then he pointed an opening between the rocks.

this was taken when we're going out of the cove
We entered that periphery and what we see was a very small cove of sands surrounded by granite rocks.

The sand there was more powdery than Boracay's. My mom took a bottle of it to add to her collection. Let me tour you inside!

By the way it was called Diwata because, according to our guide, it was believed that there was a fairy living there and protecting the place. And I asked him if he believes it and he answered yes. What more can I say?

After containing the place for ourselves we leave and paid 100 pesos to the owner as entrance fee. Yes, a whooping hundred bucks for a very small cove that wasnt even a beach. Ok lets move on, there's more to see.

Our next stop was the CYC Beach which is free of entrance. I didnt got to enjoy this place the first time I was here. It was too crowded that time and we were already pleased by a more attractive beach we saw before it and we didnt bother to get off the boat. But this time I did enjoyed, as well as my mom and brothers. We even spent the longest time of our day's trip here. Now, let the pictures do the talking.

another "tingala" pose

the epic jump shot in CYC Beach

We enjoyed so much that we even climb on the other side of the beach and this is what we saw.

Im sorry for the long picture loaded post. I cant help it. I really just wanna share how beautiful these places were. There's more on my next post.

Thank you for reading and commenting on my last post. That's so much appreciated!


  1. I really loved all the pictures. Miss Pilipinas again:)

  2. beach and beach everywhere, masarap yang gala kapag kasama ang pamilya:)

  3. love the place! and love your pose! pwede! hehehe

  4. wow naman! sa name pa lang captivating na, at ang dame beach ahh!
    sayang naman di mo trinay pero ayun di ka din mageenjoy kasi matatakot ka lang haha
    ang cute naman ng mga pic nu saya nu!

  5. oh's a paradise... nicely spent vacation with the family! Kakatuwa naman ang mom mong super game sa jumpshot...

  6. wo ate na iingit na ako. mag kano package niyan? I really love coron

  7. Havent been to Diwata and itinerary for sure when I revisit Coron :)

  8. ganda ng mga picture nyo... ang saya lang ^___^

  9. Coron is my dream right now. sana matupad soon.

  10. Buti ka nakapag beach before summer ends..ako wala talaga eh.. di kami bati ng dagat.

  11. infernes sis nag looo-look up ka na pala dati pa! :)

    natakot ako sa diwata beach, may diwata pala! wah!

  12. you don't have to be sorry. the photos are interesting. :) sayang that you did not get to visit everything that's on your itinerary. glad that you enjoyed cyc.

  13. The only beach we'd been to was Banol, awww... :( It would have been great if we were able to see CYC and Diwata too. My oh my they are beautiful!

  14. I've been wanting to go to Coron for the longest time. Plan na yan.

    BTW, I'm currently hosting a giveaway on my blog sponsored by Oasap and I'm inviting you to join.


  15. Hang ganda naman ng tour nyo....ang ganda talaga ng pilipinas...;)



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