Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marrying the One True Love that You Found

"Be deliberate about getting married. Don't give God the responsibility He gave you."

"Marriage requires a lot of hard work, humility, patience, sacrificial, love, and the other stuff that we call character."

"You need to take brutal moral inventory of your life, so you know what inner areas of your life you need to grow."

"Getting married without being emotionally whole spells disaster - or at least a very difficult marriage."

"An emotionally healthy person will attract and be attracted to another emotionally healthy person. An emotionally unhealthy person will attract and be attracted to another emotionally unhealthy person, too. So get healthy "

"People can gain all the financial wisdom in the world, but unless something else is done, they wont prosper."

"Contradicting desires create contradicting results."

"Where there is no clarity of purpose, no great thing will be achieved."

"When you unconsciously expect to be rejected, there's a high probability that you will be."

"You dont get the partner that you deserve. You get the partner that you think you deserve."

"When we allow ourselves to be abused, we're not helping but teaching people to be parasites."

"There's no other way to find out but to actually do it."

"God's will is bigger than we think it is. God's will can actually contain a few good men to choose from. Any of these few good men could be in His Perfect will."

"Many choices can be found in God's perfect will for you."

"Your one true love is not chosen for you. You choose your one true love."

"Because you dont want to fall in love with someone you cant be friends with."

"Dont trust your type. Dont go out only with guys you're attracted to. Be open."

"The very things she was attracted to are now the exact things that irritated her to no end."

"Empirical evidence has shown that the more similarities you have with your spouse, the greater chances for a happy marriage."

"Unless you open yourself to the possibility of rejection, you wont also open yourself to the possibility of rich friendships."

"You dont need a magical first moment to meet your potential husband. The important things are mature character, financial responsibility, the ability to commit, compatible mission and values."

"Many times, it's lust at first sight. Or infatuation at first sight."

"It takes a moment to experience infatuation but true love takes a lifetime."

"Strong marriages are between lovers and best friends."

"Some women dont know when they see a good husband. Even when they're married to them already."

"Because ladies, you dont pursue men. You become attractive - and they pursue you."

"Men are attracted to happiness. And that's something you cant fake. Boobs, legs and waistlines can be padded and liposuctioned. But there's no plastic surgery for happiness."

"When a woman has a positive outlook in life, she's a magnet."

"The key to being interesting is to be interested."

"Modesty attracts good potential husbands. Immodesty attracts lust - and guys who would never respect you."

"A man is attracted to a woman who's not looking for a man in a desperate way."

"Never let your suitor think the chase is over."

"I'd rather remain single than be married to the wrong person."

"I'd choose a man whose faith is expressed in his morality rather than his religiosity."

"This is the one weakness that destroys friendships faster than others: the desire to control others."

"The attractive person has inner magnetism. Physical looks may get his attention, but what nails his attention to you will be you inner beauty."

"Never marry because you've lost your virginity."

"Never marry because of love. Only marry because you've found the RIGHT partner and choose to love him forever."

"Romantic love is like the wind - here today and gone tomorrow. Strong like a violent storm today and dead as a rock the next day."

"When you fall out of love and you still make a choice to love, then that's the beginning of true love."

From Bo Sanchez's book "How to Find Your One True Love".


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