Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LIFEHOUSE Live in Manila 2012

LIFEHOUSE is my favorite international performer/band.Their song, "You and Me" really mesmerized me the first time I heard it. Since then, I cant stop hearing their songs. I even felt like addicted to their music. It made me feel relaxed and constantly changes my mood and i so love it.

One great evening, while watching my favorite teleserye, I saw in a TVC that Lifehouse will be having a concert in Manila. Feeling so excited that moment I immediately search the internet on how and where can I buy the tickets for the concert. And then I ask my friends who can come with me but they are all filled and out of budget. Im thinking of watching it all by myself and its fine with me as long as I can see and hear them live. Luckily my brother was so kind enough to come with me even the tickets cost much.

After watching their live concert, all I can say is that I've fallen even more in love with their music and with Jason Wade's voice, very unique and really captivating. Hearing him singing live really makes my heart jumps and beat faster. I felt lucky and grateful that I've got to watched them live and I'm looking forward for their next live concert and when that happens I would not hesitate to buy the front seat. My greatest concert experience ever.


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